rss ping


The goal of RSS Ping is provide richer metadata flowing across the ping stream. RSS ping 1.0 enhances what is currently sent with an extended ping with simple RSS metadata.

Currently a standard ping has the site name and site URI, an extended ping adds a RSS feed URI. We're expanding that to allow several basic items: title, link, tags and payload_link (location of full metadata encoded as an RSS or Atom feed with a single item or entry). RSS Ping 2.0 is an initial document for comments, with suggestions of how to ping full metadata including the content payload, directly and with authentication and possibly reputation.

Core Elements

Unless explicitly stated otherwise, there may be only one of each element.

The name or title of a site.
The URI of the site's home page
The URI of the RSS or Atom feed for the site.
The title (headline, brief description or filename) of the item being pinged (the RSS or Atom item or entry title, where applicable).
The link to the item being pinged, preferably the permalink.
Optional. A keyword or category describing the latest item in the feed. There may be multiple tag elements. This element has one optional attribute, domain, which is a URI which defines the scope of the tag value.
Optional. The payload element contains a single item feed, defined as a feed with a single RSS item or Atom entry for the entry being pinged. (In the same way that HTML for indiviual entries is often located at a permalink, this would involve a separate template with weblog publishing software for indiviual RSS or Atom entries, as full single item feeds)


Below is an exmple of an RSS ping sent via an http GET. com/index.xml&item_title=halo%20word&item_link= item_tag=wishlist&item_tag=camera&payload_link=